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  • Networking During the Holidays
    You might be tempted to put your networking on hold during the holiday season, but don’t give in to temptation. The truth is, holiday networking can be extremely effective—if it’s handled properly. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your holiday socializing without committing any etiquette flubs...  Read more >>
  • Listen to Your Inner Coach
    We live in a culture that offers a “coach” for everything. We have life coaches, business mentors, personal trainers, financial advisors, nutritional counselors, spiritual gurus... experts of every flavor to help navigate through any life situation...  Read more >>
  • Celebrate Your Success to Empower Yourself
    Are you stuck waiting for the Success Fairy to pat you on the back? As a business coach, I talk with many, many professionals and business owners who never take the time to acknowledge their own successes. Many rush from goal to goal without the smallest self-celebration even when they overcome amazing obstacles...  Read more >>
  • Marketing for Introverts
    The Myers-Briggs assessment for personality styles shows that only one percent of the population is considered introverted and intuitive, two traits that many artists share. Regardless of what role introverts fill in society, they are such a small group, demographically speaking, and are typically...  Read more >>
  • “Branding for Success” from The Female Brand
    The brands that stand for something relevant and build positive perceptions are the ones that succeed. The people who build a business identity – a personal brand – that has relevance and visibility in the marketplace, will have the advantage. Personal branding is especially important for women because studies show...  Read more >>
  • Drive the “Brandmobile” to Promote Your Business
    Lots of professionals work very hard to get into magazines with interviews or articles. Then they sit back and wait for business to happen. But what if some of your best prospects didn’t happen to pick up the magazine that featured you this week? That’s where the Brandmobile concept comes in...  Read more >>
  • How to Use Social Media to Grow Your
    Interior Design Business

    A solid social media strategy is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have” in an overcrowded and competitive marketplace. When I develop an online marketing plan for my clients, I begin with a solid and integrated strategy and end with a way to measure the value of the campaign.  Read more >>
  • Getting Your Project Published
    The name of the game is to show, don’t tell. We really want to know, quite literally, what is in your room, how it came to be there in the first place, and why it is special.  Read more >>
  • The Magic of Brainstorming
    I find a lot of people holding back out of fear. Fear of the economy. Fear that success might be too much to handle. Fear of change. But the truth is, they usually have all the tools they need to succeed—they just need someone to help with the confidence. That’s where brainstorming comes in.  Read more >>
  • The Open Hand
    What are you holding onto? By that I mean, on what in your life do you have a white-knuckled grip, either trying to steer or trying to hang on? Sometimes, the only way to accept the new opportunities life has for us is to unclench our fist and open our palm.  Read more >>
  • Passion + Energy = Success or Survival
    Consumers are demanding more for their money, and that includes not only more service and more value for their dollar but a more satisfying buying experience overall.  Read more >>
  • Laser Coaching for Career Transition and Job Interview Success
    Laser coaching is perfect for career transition success. Now is the time to make the change you’ve always dreamed of making.  Read more >>
  • Reinvent Yourself After Job Loss: Ten Tips so You Don’t Skip A Beat!
    Here’s your survival kit to help you make the most of your new possibilities without skipping a beat.  Read more >>
  • Why Interior Designers Need Websites
    Why should an interior designer have a website? Here are five reasons why an online presence is well worth your time.  Read more >>
    This article was published in DESIGNLINE, The ASID Washington Metro magazine in Summer 2009.
  • Wired and Wonderful: The Web Site Advantage
    Here are five ways you can make the most of a web site for your company:  Read more >>
  • Tip Sheet: Success During Uncertain Times
    Have you ever noticed how some people seem to thrive during stressful situations? Here are my ten tips for success under stressful and uncertain situations.  Read more >>
  • Focused and Flexible
    One of the biggest obstacles to success for most people is learning how to stay focused on goals while remaining flexible enough to adapt to needed change. How can you be both focused and flexible at the same time?  Read more >>
  • Prep For Success
    Making a successful pitch or presentation begins long before you set foot in the prospect's office. How well you prepare has a direct-and essential-impact on the odds of your success. Preparation is much more than having slick copies of your proposal or a knock-out slide presentation. Research, competitive intelligence and minding the details make the difference between success and failure.  Read more >>
  • Tip Sheet: Success During Uncertainty
    Life is uncertain. No getting around it. How do you find the nerve to follow your heart when everything seems to be changing? Here are 10 of my favorite tips..  Read more >>
  • Mirror, Mirror—The Key to Success
    Are you aware of the subtle ways your nonverbal communication is limiting you? “Mirroring” is a technique in which a coach reflects back what is actually said and communicated. Success coach Faith Monson explains how mirroring can make professionals aware of the mixed signals they’re sending and improve performance.  Read more >>
  • Laser Coaching for Optimum Success
    Busy professionals put off coaching because they’re afraid of long-term expense or commitment. Success coach Faith Monson shares her tips on why an hour or two of focused, “laser” coaching may be the best investment of time and money.  Read more >>
  • The Confidence Threshold
    Dreams come true when we have the confidence to pursue them. Is your confidence holding you back? Find out how Faith encourages you to increase your confidence and own your dreams.  Read more >>
  • Risk Opening the Door To Business Success
    Dreams start to die when we become afraid of risk. Faith shares her success secrets to making a marketing change.  Read more >>
  • Dreams Open Doors
    Success is a way of life—and a way of thinking. Are your dreams opening doors for your business, or slamming them shut? Faith offers three tips to help your dreams succeed.  Read more >>
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